Sindhi High School

Disciplinary Rules

  1. All students must be punctual and regular in their attendance to school.
  2. All students must assemble in the school at 7.55 a.m. and attend the morning assembly at 8.00 a.m. After the school the students of lower classes must be taken home without any delay excepting those who participate in sports, games / athletics, special coaching classes.
  3. Late coming to school will be viewed seriously. Students who come after 8.00 a.m. will not be allowed into the classes. Proper transportation should be made available to the students.
  4. Correct uniform including tie, shoes, socks and belt must be worn as per the guidelines given in the school calendar. Parents must ensure their wards have a proper 'haircut'.
  5. A fine of Rs. 100/- will be levied each time after the first warning every month on children who come in improper / incomplete uniforms, fail to carry their school calendar or come late to school.
  6. Please note that sweatshirts / jerseys (even with a 'Sindhian' label) and jackets do not form a part of school uniform. As such they should not be worn in the precincts of the school Bands or badges of any kind are also not permitted in the school.
  7. Students should bring the required text books and note books and relevant study materials only.
  8. Pupils must write their names and classes on books and personal belongings. In case of loss of any articles, the pupil may contact the office for lost property. The school assumes no responsibility in case of any loss.
  9. Money or Costly articles should not be brought to the school. The students should not wear costly ornaments. The school is not responsible for any incident that may happen in this connection.
  10. Students are not permitted to bring Mobiles, Pen drives or any electronic gadget and use in the smart boards in the school. No exception will be made. Unauthorized gadgets will be confiscated and not returned.
  11. The School premises must be kept neat and tidy. Writing on the desks, walls, throwing papers everywhere, damaging the furniture etc. are objectionable and strictly forbidden. Any damage done to the school property will have to be reimbursed. A vigilant outlook should be maintained towards school property and cleanliness of the premises.
  12. Parents are also requested to note that if there is a dispute or misunderstanding /fight between/among students, the matter must be referred to school authorities.
  13. Students should be gentle and courteous in their dealing with one another. They should be respectful towards their companions.
  14. Pupils must maintain perfect silence during the working hours of the school.
  15. In case of sudden illness or injury to the child, first aid will be given in the school and the parents will be informed. It shall be the responsibility of the parents thereafter to get the child treated properly.
  16. Parents and guardians are not permitted to go to the class room / corridor to pick up their children. Please wait near the area outside the portico.
  17. Parents and guardians (or other persons) are not allowed to enter any of the class rooms during the class hours without the Principal's or Vice-Principal's permission.
  18. Whenever progress report is sent to the parent / guardian it must be signed and returned to the school on the prescribed date. Any tampering with the progress report will be viewed seriously. Progress Card should be maintained properly.
  19. No student of the school is permitted to collect funds, or sell tickets for any external organizaton without the sanction of the school authority.
  20. Irregularity to school, lack of application to studies, disobedience, and misconduct of a serious nature in or outside the school is liable to cause dismissal of a student from the school.
  21. Those who absent themselves for more than 7 days will have to seek prior permission. This is not applicable for children who suffer from physical and mental ailments. However, they have to produce a medical certificate from a competent authority. If the certificate is proved to be false, they will be removed from rolls.
  22. Whenever children leave / discontinue classes of paid activity, the fee amount will not be refunded.