Sindhi High School

Principal’s Desk

"Intelligence plus character - That is the purpose of true education."
- Martin Luther King Junior.

An institution that was started 42 years ago, has emerged as a brilliant star in the educational firmament. We take pride in the quality of education that we deliver, along with our commitment to nurture morally upright, conscientious individuals.

From darkness unto light - Our motto is well-illustrated by the quality of education imparted by us and the success of our Alumni who are our brand ambassadors.

Holistic learning through curricular, extracurricular activities and life skill classes, indoor - outdoor games, yoga and zumba to balance physical and mental health, art, dance and music classes to inspire and inculcate creativity, outdoor field trips, picnics and excursions to invigorate, are regular features of our school.

Conducive environment is provided to unleash the potential of the young ones under our tutelage and develop their talents. Each and every child is empowered with life skills that hold them in good stead in the future.

We remain committed to the all-round development of our students so that they become the torch bearers of the rich Sindhian legacy and continue to make a positive difference wherever they go.

Mrs. Alpana Kala