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Sanskrit Day 2021

अस्माकं सिन्धि शालायाम् विश्वसंस्कृतदिनोत्सवः अद्य आगश्ट् मासस्य पञ्चविंशतितमे दिनाङ्के समाचरितः ।
कार्तरमः देवतास्तवादारब्दः । अस्मिन् महोत्सवे आहत्य अष्टकार्यक्रमाः आसन् , ते यथा स्वागतभाषणम् , हास्यनाटकम् , नृत्यम् , संस्कृतभाषणम् ,
चित्रगानसंयोगः , पांशुपालभाषणम् तथा धन्यवादसमर्पणम् ।
कार्यक्रमोऽयम् छात्रान् अत्यन्तम् आकर्षयत् ।

Vishwa Samskrit Dinam was celebrated in Sindhi High School on 25th August, 2021. It commenced with offering prayers to the Almighty God. The event witnessed a myriad of activities like Swagat Bhashanam, Natakam, Nrityam, Bhashanam, Pramshupala Vachanam and Dhanyawad Samarpanam. The lively virtual performance enthralled the audience.

Independence Day

AISSE Toppers 2019-20 Felicitation Ceremony

A felicitation ceremony for AISSE toppers 2019-20 was held in the school on 13th August, 2021. The Executives and class 10 Teachers gave away the prizes. The prize winners with their beaming faces and twinkling eyes received the prizes while their proud parents happily and fondly looked on. The Principal gave an impressive speech on this occasion and advised the students to work hard. She stressed on the value of discipline and good character and congratulated the staff on their excellent work. The function was a great success in every respect.


“Reading is essential to those who seek to rise above the ordinary “ In the honour of P.N.Panikhar, National reading month is celebrated from June 19th to July 18th all over the country. Our school is Celebrating the reading week from 28th June to 4 th July. Stories are being shared to the classes 1 To 3 children to read. Quizzes are being conducted to the classes from 4 to 10, also the pdf form of books like Wings of fire & Harry potter are shared to the children to read.


Sindhi High School K.K. Road and Hebbal celebrated a Virtual Graduation Day on 25th June 2021 for the outgoing batch of class 10 and class 12 students.

The Chief Guest Smt Vandita Sharma ( IAS Additional Chief Secretary cum Development Commissioner, Government of Karnataka) , in her convocation address complimented the graduates on their achievements, and also congratulated the teachers for their dedication and hard work in shaping the students through education and other co-curricular activities.

It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for the students and a proud moment for the parents as they witnessed the Graduation Day. May God bless these “graduates” as they continue their education in their chosen field.