Sindhi High School

Scouts and Guides Outing

On Friday, September 8th, 2023, the Scouts and Guides (class 7 & 8) embarked on a one-day outing with a dual initiative: to raise awareness about the conservation of nature and to promote understanding and empathy towards specially-abled individuals. The chosen venue for this enlightening experience was the N.S Hema Horticulture Training Center.

This inclusive study program aimed to instill a sense of responsibility towards nature by immersing the students in its beauty. Through guided nature walks, interactive workshops, and engaging discussions, the young scouts and guides learned about the importance of preserving our environment for future generations.

Additionally, the program encouraged students to understand and appreciate the challenges faced by specially-abled people. Through various activities and interactions with specially-abled individuals, the scouts and guides gained valuable insights into the strength and resilience of these members of our society.

To ensure a seamless experience, food arrangements were made, allowing everyone to bond over meals and share their newfound knowledge and perspectives. This one-day outing was not just an excursion but a transformative experience, fostering a spirit of conservation and inclusivity among the scouts and guides, preparing them to make a positive impact on society.