Sindhi High School

Sanskrit Day - 12/08/2022

Sindhi High School, K K Road celebrated Sanskrit Diwas on 12th August 2022. The programme commenced with an invocation song in the praise of Lord Almighty.

The programme included skit, shloka chanting from Srimadbhagavatgita, and a PPT on Uttarakhand our partnering state under the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat initiative of GOI. The most breath-taking part of the programme was the dance that left the audience spellbound. The entire programme was presented only in Sanskrit language. Speaking on this occasion the Principal Mrs Devika Kiran highlighted the importance of Sanskrit language and its demand globally. Principal urged students to respect and take pride in imbibing the culture and values of our vast Indian Culture. Indeed it was a wonderful programme.